Tuesday, February 28, 2017


It seems as though for my entire aware life the only promises Repubs have kept are the ones for the wealthiest of the country and in some cases the World. As for the rest of us, the bulk of the voters we've only been given fantasies and hope.
But facts are facts.
Perhaps that's why the GOP hates science and reason.
The wealth gap in America has widened considerably ever since god Reagan (Ronald or Nancy, one cannot be completely certain which) started the downfall of the Middle Class.
Household income has continuously dropped while the top 1 or 2% have not only become wealthier but also less taxed.
Our national debt has risen under every Repub President.
The debt is lowered under every Democratic President.
Yet most people believe the GOP lie that it's the other way around. Democrats are the tax and spend party thus raising the debt.
Here's one of those annoying facts of life:
In order to spend money you must have money.
Sounds intuitive but trust me I can point to at least 62 million voters who don't understand it.
One way to raise the Nat'l Debt is to declare and wage war without raising money (taxes) to pay for it.
Nobody wants to pay higher taxes but if we give tax breaks to people who can most afford to pay higher taxes where will the money come from?
THE MIDDLE CLASS, or what's left of it will have to pay!
But people may start to catch on to the tactic so instead of actually raising middle class taxes the GOP cleverly reduces funding for services the middle class relies on.
Oh nothing fantastic you see, just healthcare and school lunch programs and anything not needed by the wealthy donors of the country!
The bottom line is that during my lifetime, and sadly I'm no teen, one political party has consistently and ruthlessly and unabashedly done everything in their power to steal from the poor and give to the rich! And in return the rich have always shown their appreciation with commission checks in the form of campaign dollars and countless perks for the families of the Repubs.
As I enter my so called golden years the race is on. Will the American voter finally wake up and see who is and who is not on their side before I am no longer an aware human being?
Next shot comes in just under 2 years.
Fingers crossed!

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