Monday, November 14, 2016


Hey did you hear the one about Majority Rule in America?
Okay but before I explain it I wonder if you’ve ever seen this bridge I have for sale.
Two things we Americans were proud about have gone the way of the dodo.
We used to be considered and even hated as the greatest most intelligent country in the world.
And as “W” loved to say about terrorists, “They hate us for our freedom.”
Well mark November 8, 2016 as the date we showed the World how wrong they all were!  We lost the title of most intelligent nation with the election of the worst and least qualified President in the history of this nation!
As for the freedom we thought we had that will start eroding in Three – Two – …

But what about the majority rule we used to point to?
Well for one thing the Republican Party started dismantling that with their long range gerrymandering plan, an insidious way to block a majority of voters in any one region from gaining control over their government and therefore their lives.
The following are but a few examples of our lost innocence and our equally lost rights.

The Senate consists of 100 people so it’s simple, if 51 Senators vote one way it’s done, right?
Don’t be naïve; you need to get 60 votes for a majority.  Math teachers across the country should be scratching their heads and my old one is spinning in her grave!
And the minority can even block a majority without doing anything.  Just the threat of a filibuster or saying one will start a filibuster is enough to bust up any possible progress.
Of course with the soon to be new Congress any filibuster performed by the meek Democratic Senators, the ones on the left of the aisle without any balls, will be to stop the reversal of progress made during the last 5 decades.

The Popular Vote:
If a majority of people in America vote for one candidate that person wins right?
Naïve again! This popular belief has been proven wrong again.  You can win an election by over 600,000 votes and still lose the Presidency in America due to an arcane useless and annoying old stupid system called the Electoral College.  Sadly the name belies the fact.  The anti-popular vote counter is not a college. In fact I doubt it would qualify as kindergarten! There is no intelligence in using this old measure and it is way past time to abolish it!  Republicans of course would never allow this to happen so unless Americans wake up and suddenly start reading and learning we are stuck with the Electoral Pre School forever.

Money Trumps All:
Since too many people in America no longer have the time or sadly the intelligence to read and actually understand half the issues a well placed and highly funded advertisement campaign can fool all of them.  The ads are glitzy and may even contain a celebrity or two.  They are repeated over and over and over as if by some ‘black site’ torture specialist until the viewer (they don’t read anymore) has no concept of what is true and what is incredibly not. The under educated masses then follow blindly what they’ve been told is fact.
So in a way this is the only time majority rules – Money spent.

Evil Beats Nice:
Tap into hate and fear like Hitler and you too can be a winner in America today!
It turns out it is easier to shout hate than love. Peace is by definition quiet. Hate is anger filled rage. The decibel level of hate drowns out all other emotions and even though many more people would rather have peace the loud minority, just as a few rotten apples, ruins the entire electorate!

And Finally Tradition:
President Obama was a very good president and also a very good man with an incredibly good family.
The hate that must’ve been festering in the minds of racists across America had no place to go in a peaceful society.  It had to be suppressed in quiet groups of White Supremacists or KKK clans.
But an evil man realized the anger just below the surface of these cretins and he tested the waters with a campaign of distrust about the President’s heritage.
His mean spirited conniving plan to draw out the basest emotions of the lower than scum of the Earth creatures worked and he became legend.
Intelligence said this would never work her and now.
The smartest among us felt that no Hitler like fuehrer could muster enough support to take over in 21st century America.
Once again the majority was wrong.
The idiots of the minority were able to muster enough votes and fool the majority into staying home instead of voting. “Nothing to see here, run along. He can’t win so don’t bother voting and wasting your time. Oh look at that cat video. Aren’t cats so cute?”
And so America is now in the hands of a racist evil child molesting tax evading pussy groping ego maniacal anti Semitic anti minority anti humanity anti climate change dictator loving violence promoting Russia loving turd and his equally evil in every respect vice president who famously thinks evolution is a hoax.  In his case he happens to be right since his intelligence is somewhat beneath that of a chimpanzee!

And so the majority has to sit and wait and pray that they can survive the next few years of the reign of terror we allowed to happen.

Oh, and abut that bridge - Leave me your contact info in the comments.  I'll make you a great deal!

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