Sunday, February 7, 2016


Why are there so many apps pushing articles and stories to our smart phones and tablets?
Why does an already in your face billionaire such as Rupert Murdoch continue his quest to own more news media?
Why do other billionaires and their brothers keep spending money behind the scenes to get their partisan messages out and political puppets in?
Why do birds suddenly appear? Wait, sorry, that's not part of this rant!
And why do all newspapers offer digital versions of their publications?

It’s all about the dissemination of information.
Sadly this proliferation of information also DIS-informs.

Getting your message out has become so important it has surpassed nearly every other need a leader or megalomaniac has. It is the way he or she stays in the public eye and the way they amass fortunes for their war chests to be used on their re-election campaigns.
And this tactic is also used to hide things that are not to be known by the general public.
This simple fact is controlling the media has become the highest priority of the wealthy and powerful.

We have all seen articles informing us that not one of the perpetrators of the economic bust of 2008 or any other era has been sent to jail or brought to justice at all.  But you will probably not see that article again or a follow up unless you spend time ‘Googling.’
Did you ever see a television ad or get a 'cold' call from an investment broker you didn't know telling you about a fantastic stock opportunity guaranteed to make you wealthy?
Did you ever wonder why he or she was calling you instead of just buying the damn thing and retiring to Tahiti?
Why do so many people seem to believe that the Earth is flat or that climate change is God’s will and there is nothing man can do about it?

And with all the information being pushed onto and into us we find it hard to process everything.
Information overload is real and it is why we flock to social media sites such as Twitter for concise if not absurd brevity.
Don’t believe it? Try to tell a story using only 140 characters without abbreviations, emoticons, substitutions and links. 

IMHO U’ll C its hard 2 do, lmao! 

No one has the time to read an entire paper or its digital version therefore much of what’s happening in the World goes unknown to or unseen by the masses.
Most read a headline and assume the rest based on their preconceived bias.
We are a nation of under informed, uneducated serfs.

Remember that those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it!
Sadly even our history books have been taken over and school children are being fed partisan lies.
Many States use text books for their schools edited and published by a Texas concern. (Click the link and learn!)
These books have taken many facts out and replaced them with clear sounding false statements and subliminal messages aimed at furthering their biased agenda.
Sad how many idiots believe this crap!

Did you know that man coexisted with the dinosaurs?  This must be true since the Earth is only 6,000 years old!

Social media sites are safe havens from the storms of stories of corruption and violence.
They are places where we can show our outrage and demand something be done.
Then we click on the viral video of those cute puppies and calm down.

Just look at the anger over the multitude of mass shootings over the last few years and note how much has been done by our leaders to stop the proliferation of gun violence.
Social media is a place to vent our frustrations at the lack of leadership to stem the tide of an ever widening wealth gap.

But they are akin to the ‘time out’ room we are sent to as children when the parents have had enough!  And the parents are the wealthy and powerful who control the message.

‘Run along middle class, mommy and daddy have lots to talk about. Maybe we’ll go for some ice cream later. Won’t that be nice?’

The one time information should not necessarily be made known is during military exercises or of course war.
But when it comes to government any group not in power accuses those in power of hiding things from the public.

For example ever since Democrat Obama was elected President the not so loyal anymore Republican Party has been calling for more transparency.
Why do you think Obama is
weak on a Muslim?
Because I think he basically is one!
From birth certificate to troop movements they demand to know what he and his administration are doing about the war on terror and how come he was born in Kenya as a Muslim. And lest you think Americans know the truth watch this short video of current Trump supporters talking about the Hawaiian born President of the United States.

This is basically a tactic that should be called what it is, an absurd lie.
This should replace
the elephant as the
GOP / T-Potty symbol!
One thing the public must realize is if the government tells us all it is doing or planning then the odds are the enemy will know as well!
Do you think Mr. Obama should have told the Americans his troops were about to raid Osama Bin Laden’s compound beforehand?
The Republicans know this but they must fool the public into voting for them next time so they can do the same thing!

Information is power.
He (or she?) who controls the information has the power.
We must understand what information is important to be known and what should not be.
And when the information is made known from where did it emanate?
Can it be trusted?

There will always be sheep following blindly or being shepherded by a lead dog to move in a certain direction.
But until the people of our nation realize they are being led around by their noses they will never see beyond them.
Don't believe me?
The truth is out there!
Seek it out!
The more you know the less you will be fooled.
Inform yourselves, no one else will!

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