Tuesday, October 20, 2015


Seniors and those in need of assistance were recently informed that the annual Cost Of Living Adjustment, COLA will not go into effect this year. That means that anyone collecting Social Security will not get the tiny raise in benefits they have been getting at the start of next year.
The reason COLA will not take effect according to the government is, simply put there has been no inflation and therefore no need to for increased payments.
But at the same time Medicare premiums paid monthly by many of the same people not getting a COLA on their Social Security will rise by as much as 53% next year or from $104 to $159.30!
The reason given by the Republican controlled House of Representatives (remind me just exactly who do they represent?) is rising healthcare costs.
Those two statements are obviously at odds with each other but neither the first time nor the last time anomalies such as these will be used against the middle class.
On Long Island the energy industry friend Long Island Power Authority, LIPA is allowing and about to implement a rate hike of 9% over the next three years.
They claim this is necessary due to a shortfall in the budget caused by a drop in sales tax revenue.
By the way the reason the sales tax revenue is down is because Long Islanders cannot afford to buy as much as in previous years due to lower incomes and rising costs.
The American Association of Retired Persons, AARP says LIPA is using ‘fuzzy math’ to make their case.
All the arguments used by those in power sound legitimate when taken by themselves but when put together start to smell of lies, greed and corruption.
In college logic courses they teach syllogisms which are generally two or three statements put together that sound logical but will cause the listener or reader to pause and think, wait what?
For example:
The American buffalo is a vanishing animal.
That animal is an American buffalo.
Therefore it is vanishing!
Or one of my favorites:
News of Russian aggression is no news.
And since No News is Good News,
News of Russian aggression is good news!
Business owners started using the double standard tactic a while ago too.
They claim no raises will be given because business is down and the economy is terrible.  They also moan about the increased costs in health care as reasons for dumping more of the costs on the individual.
So the worker gets less money in his/her paycheck but has to use the less money to pay for higher healthcare costs etc.
But what costs are going up?  Surely they’re not salary related since no business is giving raises so what is causing this?
Could it just be general inflation?
No, that cannot be because inflation is so low that those on Social Security will not be getting a COLA!

The bottom line is if you can figure out two sides to any financial story and you want to feed the information to the public use them both but make sure the middle class gets the short straw!

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