Thursday, July 30, 2015

Danger Will Robinson

Billions of years ago some elements combined with each other to form compounds.  These compounds somehow cooperated with each other to produce more of them.  This reproduction eventually led to organisms and life.
But in order for this newly formed life to thrive the individual parts had to somehow work together and create different functions.
As these simple organisms grew and replicated there were mutations.  If the mutation was weak and unfit for its surroundings it died off.  But if it was better adapted to its environment it thrived and multiplied.
Eventually simple single celled organisms found ways to work with others and evolved into multiple cell creatures.
Within each of these creature, these communities of cells there is an orderly separation of duties designed for the greater good.  When a cell breaks down or ceases to function as it should the organism sends out a signal to destroy that cell and thus continue a healthy life.
If we look at what the cells of the body have become we will see various individual shapes and sizes of organs all working together in a society of life.
As long as each community of cells, each area of the body works together for the greater good they all survive.
Evolution has taught these cells that greed is inappropriate within a healthy body.
Cancer cells are part of an organism that do not play by the rules.  They seem to forget that all cells have roles to play in a healthy organism.  They have figured out how to mask their intentions from the body’s police force and in many cases fool healthy cells into doing their bidding.
They wish to multiply themselves at the expense of other cells around them ultimately stopping other functions from working.
As a result they replicate at an ever increasing rate until they foolishly kill the host and with it themselves!
Unfortunately we have not yet been able to find cures for all the various forms of out of control cells known as cancer but we must keep trying.
However cancers are not only within a body, they exist everywhere.
If we consider Earth to be a living organism, not much of a stretch, then all the inhabitants thereon can be thought of as individual cells.
Our human society is in fact a living body.
We need to cooperate with each other in order to continue living on this planet of ours.
We cannot afford to kill the host.
We also cannot afford to greedily take more of the resources for our own individual good at the expense of others.
People or groups of people who insist on taking more than their fair share are a cancer on our society.
We use different terms for different groups of these anti-social cliques but make no mistake, they are each one a danger to life as we know it!
Terrorists such as the murdering throngs currently creating havoc in the Middle East are a cancer.
Super wealthy greedy individuals or groups trying to usurp power from the body for their own good are a cancer.
And leaders who look the other way when corporations pollute our planet thus endangering its welfare are a cancer.
Remember that we cannot survive without the Earth but the Earth surely can survive without us.  The body must find a way to work together to rid itself of these cancers just as it found a way to grow from those first elements into a population of 7 billion humans.

Because if we continue blindly as we have in the recent past the Earth will find a way to remove the offending cancer for good!


Anonymous said...

Well said!

Bruce Resch said...

Thanks Dan. I wish others would read it and think about it and, dare I say possible do something about it!