Saturday, March 21, 2015

Worker's Lament

There is a mentality among too many CEOs and owners of companies these days that workers do not deserve to be paid fair wages.
I have basically worked for 45 years and except for my years as a commissioned salesman my salary has always been a bit lower than it should have been.
But I accepted what I was paid and stayed in line not wanting to cause too many waves.
But looking back I realize how often I did the bidding of managers 'above' me only to see them take credit for my work.
In fact at my last job I constantly corrected the grammar and even intent of letters sent by the director of my division and received nothing but more of the same for my efforts.
Then when the economy turned down and businesses had to cut costs (not out of their own pockets of course) I was laid off.
The funny thing is that a year or so after I was gone the director was let go as well!
I guess without me to correct his childish errors on important letters or create reports for him to sign his name to the company realized what a useless waste he was.
So this is for all the others out there who are or were in the same position as I was for decades.
I hope you will realize your own worth and not be so complacent just because you have a salary.  The grass may indeed be greener out there.
All you have to do is look!

There's no excuse
To take the abuse
While others reap the reward

Though it seems obtuse
I am not Zeus
And have no magic sword

While I enable
Those at my table
And receive occasional praise

My life's no fable
So in the end, while able
I get no decent raise!

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