Wednesday, July 9, 2014


Actually the title is not completely true. What the giant drugstore chain hates is paying any bills owed to America, including taxes.

They announced earlier this week that they may be
moving their corporate headquarters out of our country and into a lower taxing environment in Switzerland.

While the move will naturally save them a bundle of money it also sends a clear signal to all the other corporations still based in America.  Hey jerks, you don't have to pay taxes here.

Of course many already hide profits and don't pay taxes while others actually have the balls to claim and receive kickbacks from Congress in the form of subsidies.

When was the last time one of you received a nice subsidy from Uncle Sam while reporting a taxable income?

And to rub a bit of salt into the already wounded body of Illinois, from where they will be slithering away, the tax payers of that State gave Walgreens $7.5 million dollars in tax credits and incentives to stay a few years back.

I understand a tax incentive now and then that is made by one State or another in order to keep the company from moving to another State or woo it to come in but leave the country?  You don't want to be here then we don't want to have you at all!

So I have one question for citizens across America, regardless of what State you call home.
If this giant does in fact leave America - Considering all the places you at which you can shop or pharmacies in which you may fill your prescriptions will you continue to reward a store that has told you to drop dead?

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