Thursday, July 5, 2012

Workers' Follies (With apologies to Mr. Sondheim!)

(Sung to the tune from Sondheim's 'Follies' - 'It's like I'm Losing My Mind.')

The bills come in
The money goes out
Don’t seem to win
But never do shout
I vote my interests
But don’t ever move up
I don’t seem to move up

Week after week I fulfill the boss’ dreams
He makes his profits on the dot
But in the end no matter what I do it seems
He clears a lot
I still have squat

And bills come in
My money flows out
I need a win
Instead of a rout
If I could just get some help or a raise
Instead I get empty praise.

Sometimes I sit in my cubicle and pray
For a sweepstakes win or such
But then the boss with a smirk will come and say
You’re out of touch
You’re paid too much

So bills come in
I’ve got nothing left
It is no sin
To be so bereft
He says he needs me or is he just being kind
If I should die would he mind?

Day after day I forgo my lunchtime break
But it goes unknown
I sit and work for the company’s own sake
Answer the phone
My future’s blown

And more bills come
More money is lost
My outlook’s glum
My life is the cost
To all my suffering they turn away blind
If I should die would they mind?

The Earth does spin
And with every turn
More bills come in
My savings I burn
I try to pay all without falling behind
If I should die THEY would mind!!

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