Thursday, October 20, 2011

Random Baseball Thought

I saw a letter about Roger Maris and the Hall of Fame and I just had to respond.
But with so many Yankee fans in New York (I HAVE NO IDEA WHY!!!) my letter was not published.
However this is my blog and as such I control what gets on and what does not so:

Should Roger Maris be in the Hall of Fame?
Mr. Maris is famous whether or not he is inducted into that hall.
He was a gentle man and a good ball player who never complained about how unfairly he was treated for having the nerve to break a revered baseball record.
Oddly enough that record has since been broken again and again. And it was broken mostly by players using drugs!
I am no fan of the Yankee organization for starting and continuing the trend that ruined baseball as a game. They subverted all that was wholesome and good about America’s pastime by turning it into a heartless business of profit at any cost.
But Mr. Maris had heart and he went about his job as a ball player with the same diligence and modesty as did Lou Gherig years before him and many honest ballplayers since.
Roger Maris deserves to be in the Hall of Fame, even if they place him there with an asterisk!


Fred said...

Roger Maris should be in the Hall. Baseball has always been a business (ever watch The Natural?, BullDurham, etc.?)
Don't begrudge the Yankees for doing it better than everyone else even without Madoff's money.
Have a nice weekend!

Cousin Bruce said...

Hey I am agreeing with people that Maris belongs in the hall! No need to be mean :-)
As for Yankee fans, really? Rooting for that team is like tossing a ball up in the air and rooting for gravity to bring it back down!
Where is the fun in ROOTING for a team that does everything in its power to subvert the very game it purports to extol?
The Onion said it best a couple of years back with their article entitled, "Yankees ensure every World Series for the rest of time by buying every single major league ball player!"
I do not say that other teams don't try to pull the same stuff the Bronx bums do but who started it? And who ruined the game in the first place.
Nevertheless this is not about the Steinbrenner family (may they rot) but about a good old farm bred country boy who had the audacity to break tubby Ruth's non-immortal record. They were both great and both should be enshrined, not just one.
Thanks for keeping in touch and for the comment! Hope you don't take any rant personal (unless you become a Republican or join the T Party, then watch out!)