Sunday, November 15, 2009

"Little Me" wants health care

Pardon me miss
But health care has me pissed
At the high - high cost

I can't afford more
Than what I paid be-fore
My saving's lost

When will our Congress a so-lution find?
Or give us what you have please make up your mind

Don't let insurance take over the world and become so strong
Or we won't live long

Back in the old day
I think that we could say
The system's fine

The thing about health care
Was it was al-ways there
My doctor's mine

Now I must visit some stranger; some man
I do not know him but he's in your plan

I want the freedom of seeing the guy that I know - and knows me
Oh dear Congress hear my plea.

My teeth and body will both surely rot
The health care I need is available - NOT

It costs so much for my family and me
When it all - Should be free!

Oh dear Congress hear my plea!

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