Sunday, October 12, 2008

LIPA, don't take it out on us

This is a reprint of my most recent published "Letter to the Editor" at Newsday. I am willing to bet you will all agree on this point. If you do not agree, Mr Kessler please let me hear your side. I'm dying to hear this one!

According to the article "Late on LIPA bills" [News, Oct. 8], more customers have been unable to fully pay their energy costs now than in recent history and the Long Island Power Authority is short $155 million. Taken within the context of the current economic disaster, this phenomenon, while not condoned, is understandable.

But LIPA's solution to make up the shortage in its budget by increasing rates on Long Island is almost too contemptible for words. We are already among the highest-taxed regions in the country and our energy costs have increased unabated for years. To ask customers who can hardly afford to pay their bills now to pay more because LIPA wants more money is absurd.

When will our elected officials start helping the citizens of Long Island instead of blindly backing LIPA and their ilk?

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